[Setup] Fixed in Linux: Trouble with site rebuild after Data.fs replace

Neal Legler leglernc at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 12 05:43:25 UTC 2006

Hi Nick,

Following the leads your questions gave us helped us get the site up and 
working in Linux finally. (Fortunately the site is still in development, so 
downtime wasn't a major issue. ;)

Nick Davis wrote:
> I'd strongly recommend that now you've got it working OK on Windows, if 
> you do still want it to work on Linux as well, then get Zope 2.9.5 and 
> Plone 2.5.1 on Linux too , to eliminate any issues being due to this 
> version difference.

This was a big key to getting it to work. With the site working in Windows, 
we were able to use the export/import function, and the errors we got in 
trying to do so were reduced when we went to the latest version of Plone for 

> Its possible some library somewhere on the machine is accidentally older 
> after your rebuild. Could you have upgraded something, and didn't keep a 
> record? (Which you've now lost through re-installing) Typing "aptitude 
> install" or "yum install" - whatever Red Hat's version is - takes less 
> time than documenting that you did it. ;-)

We ran an update on all of our software, which seemed to reduce a few more 
errors on attempting the import. Also, I originally said that we had all of 
the same Python modules that we had earlier (particularly PIL), but a lot of 
our errors when we ran zopectl debug were missing python modules. We had to 
reinstall docutils and PIL, since they weren't showing up. We also had to 
install programs like pdftohtml & wvWare for our AttachmentField product. So 
you were right--missing or outdated Python modules and programs was our 
biggest hangup.

It's great to be back up and running! Thank you very much for pointing us in 
the right direction!


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