[Setup] limit content of events portlet

Raik Gruenberg grunberg at embl.de
Fri Nov 10 11:45:41 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I am running a wiki for our research lab and just added a folder for collecting 
Conference events. Naturally those events also show up in the Events portlet of 
the portal (nice!) but I think it is getting too crowded with for example 
conferences that are still one year away.

How can I limit the items in the events portlet to either a fixed number or, 
much better, to items that are not more than 3 months away. I tried to change 
the settings of the Events smartfolder but that doesn't affect the events 
portlet it seems.

Any ideas?

BTW, the same goes for the news portlet: There are not many news on our site and 
I would prefer not to have a 6 months old article in the 'News' box. Kind of 
defies the idea, doesn't it ;-)?

Many thanks in advance!


Dr. Raik Gruenberg

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