[Setup] Re: 2.0.3 -> 2.5.1 Migration failure question!

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Thu Nov 9 17:31:58 UTC 2006

Alex Clark wrote:

> No, but I *am* missing Products from the old instance. I figured I would add
> them back as needed because they may or may not run easily in the new instance. 
That seems sensible

> Should I maybe be focusing on adding some of these Products back? 
Hmmm.. I don't think so ....

> You are saying it's failing on the GrUF to PAS migration ? 
It looks that way. A good way to find out more is use the debugger and 
set a breakpoint on the last line of that trace. I like emacs for 
debugging, as it steps through syntax-highlighted code, but there are 
many alternative ways to do the same thing & opinions on the matter. ;-)

>>It looks like it happily made it to 2.1.3, which would give you a 
>>massive improvement (especially speed) over 2.0.3, so you might consider 
>>as an interim step going live with 2.1.3.
> That's a good idea, thanks! Although it will haunt me to the end of my days if I
> don't figure it out...
I suggested that as a temporary step to give a quick win and give you 
time to work out whats happening with 2.5.

(Actually it ought to have said 2.1.4 as thats the latest release so 
thats mildly worrying...)

We're still using 2.1.3 live  (2.1.4 is only necessary to fix a security 
hole if you allow new users to register with the "join" feature).
I haven't found any features in 2.5 compelling enough yet to outweigh 
the current problems of lack of documentation about LDAP / PlonePAS.


Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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