[Setup] Re: Exclude from Breadcrums? (Nick Davis)

Krys Dudek krys at cim.mcgill.ca
Thu Nov 9 14:27:00 UTC 2006

I have a simple example of where I'd like the whole set of  
breadcrumbs not to be seen.

I'm looking at designing a website for collaboration among small  
groups of people in a real-world community. The groups are set up by  
a site administrator, not by the people themselves, and
I would prefer that the logged-in members not be given the ability to  
look at the "Members" folder to see who else is signed up.   Consider  
access to this folder as a sort of "breach of
confidentiality"). On the other hand, I feel that  breadcrumbs would  
make it more
simple and intuitive to use the site for people who aren't  
experienced computer users to maintain their own spaces as well as to  
participate in group collaborations.


home ->  joe user -> myworkgroup -> joint document

is what I'd like to see for a logged-in user of the site.  Of course,  
I guess we could just assign impersonal user names manually  
(  IKJ078I  anyone?)...

Krys Dudek

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