[Setup] Would I be such a baddie if I used plone for this?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu Nov 9 10:57:59 UTC 2006


Suomen Kuningas wrote:
>>From the FAQ...
>   If your main concern is low-cost hosting á la $5/month PHP hosting
> (Plone is a content management server and an application server - not only
> a simple scripting language paired with a database). There is a lot of
> Plone hosting alternatives out there, but they will never be as low-margin
> as simple PHP/MySQL hosting.
>   ...
>   What NEVER? I already know of a free host that provides plone. I would
> imagine the more popular it becomes, the lower hosting firms will charge.

You mean Objectis? Their signup has been closed for a while ... or someone
we don't know about? :)

I think "never" refers to the fact that Zope/Plone requires more setup of
individual instances and is more resource hungry than having Apache VHosts
with mod_php and a big MySQL instance with a db for each user. Someone still
has to pay for the tin!

>   I have been looking for a cheats method of implementing a way to take
> card orders from people without having to learn PHP + MySQL and possibly
> JS validation (would you guess I'm a designer?). 
> Would I be such a baddie if I used plone for this or is there a reason I
> shouldn't use plone of this?

No, not a baddie at all, but it may not be the best tool for the job. If you
feel Plone meets your requirements better than the alternatives, go ahead.
I'm not sure Plone's eCommerce story is quite as sophisticated that it won't
take some custom programming anyway. But if you're more familiar with Plone,
or you have other needs that Plone also covers, you may find it's worth it.


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