[Setup] Would I be such a baddie if I used plone for this?

Leon leke75 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 10:44:11 UTC 2006

>From the FAQ...
  If your main concern is low-cost hosting á la $5/month PHP hosting (Plone is a content management server and an application server - not only a simple scripting language paired with a database). There is a lot of Plone hosting alternatives out there, but they will never be as low-margin as simple PHP/MySQL hosting.
  What NEVER? I already know of a free host that provides plone. I would imagine the more popular it becomes, the lower hosting firms will charge.
  I have been looking for a cheats method of implementing a way to take card orders from people without having to learn PHP + MySQL and possibly JS validation (would you guess I'm a designer?). 
Would I be such a baddie if I used plone for this or is there a reason I shouldn't use plone of this?

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