[Setup] Re: Exclude from Breadcrums?

Rob Hills rhills at medimorphosis.com.au
Thu Nov 9 18:30:06 UTC 2006

Hi Nick,

Nick Davis wrote:
> Wendi,
>   Since the breadcrumbs is hierarchical, what I don't understand is how 
> you ever end up in a situation where you're looking at object X which 
> you've got permission to look at, while folder Y is appearing in the 
> breadcrumb trail which you don't have permission to look at.

One scenario where I see that regularly is if you are given access to an 
object via a SmartFolder/Topic.  When you view the object, the 
breadcrumb shows the path of the actual physical folder it lives in.  In 
an ideal world, one could specify an option on the view to hide the 
"real" path (in breadcrumbs etc.)


Rob Hills
Waikiki,  Western Australia

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