[Setup] Re: Trouble with site rebuild after Data.fs replace

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Thu Nov 9 09:51:21 UTC 2006

Neal Legler wrote:

> Thank you very much for your response! Those are some great questions and 
> leads, several of which we hadn't thought of.
You're welcome. :-)

> The Python version is the same (2.4.3), Zope is different (2.9.5 on Windows, 
> 2.9.3 on Linux). Plone is different (2.5.1 Windows, 2.5.0 Linux).
Right, so I'd strongly recommend that now you've got it working OK on 
Windows, if you do still want it to work on Linux as well, then get Zope 
2.9.5 and Plone 2.5.1 on Linux too , to eliminate any issues being due 
to this version difference.

Originally you mentioned Plone 2.5RC2 but not your Zope version. If you 
had a later Zope originally (say 2.9.5) and then tried to run it on 
2.9.3, that could easily account for these problems.

> It was the machine itself. I am concerned this could have had something to 
> do with it. We reformatted the drive and rebuilt, but could be using a 
> data.fs file that is contaminated. 
Since it was the box that was hacked not the Plone site itself, I doubt 
the data.fs is contaminated, especially if it works fine on Windows.
Its possible some library somewhere on the machine is accidentally older 
after your rebuild. Could you have upgraded something, and didn't keep a 
record? (Which you've now lost through re-installing) Typing "aptitude 
install" or "yum install" - whatever Red Hat's version is - takes less 
time than documenting that you did it. ;-)
That would be hard to debug though now. Such a problem could magically 
disappear in a later release of Fedora that has later packages.....


Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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