[Setup] Re: Trouble with site rebuild after Data.fs replace

Neal Legler leglernc at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 04:44:58 UTC 2006

Hi Nick,

Thank you very much for your response! Those are some great questions and 
leads, several of which we hadn't thought of.

Nick Davis wrote:

> Very obvious but, are you absolutely sure that in addition to Plone, your 
> Linux box has the same version of Zope and Python that it had before?
> And python libraries like PIL etc?
> Any other tweaking, configuration you did that you may have forgotten to 
> re-apply? did you make changes in zope.conf before?

I double-checked this, and as far as I have been able to tell, each of these 
are the same as they were in the pre-rebuild original version. I diffed the 
zope.conf files, and we had uncommented the ftp and webdav sections 
previously, but when we changed this, it didn't affect anything.

> How do the versions of python/zope/Plone on Windows and Linux compare. 
> Absolutely the same?? Same zope.conf settings?

The Python version is the same (2.4.3), Zope is different (2.9.5 on Windows, 
2.9.3 on Linux). Plone is different (2.5.1 Windows, 2.5.0 Linux).

> On the Linux box, without copying the Data.fs, if you create a fresh Plone 
> site through the ZMI, then play around with that site, add content etc, is 
> everything working OK?


> Obvious again, but presumably you're looking thoroughly in event.log to 
> see if Zope is saying anything at all just prior to locking up....
> (you've got logging cranked up in zope.conf, right?)

It's not logging anything after we transfer the old Data.fs

> This may or may not be revealing ,but can you get into your Linux Zope 
> instance using zopectl debug? Once in, can you look around the site - 
> app.<plone-root> etc - does the site look intact or is something obviously 
> broken?

I ran into issues running debug. I got a lot of errors--missing modules, and 
especially an error connecting to Port 8100.

> Useful info at:
> http://docs.neuroinf.de/programming-plone/debug
> (or Google for debug zope and/or debug plone, well worth learning these 
> tricks which are great time-savers )

>Here's another link, found by googling "debug spinning zope" :

Thank you! These are great resources. I will keep looking into these, both 
for now and future reference.

> When you say your server was hacked, do you mean your Plone site or the 
> machine in general? If its a spam attack, perhaps the rogue content added 
> in the Plone site could have broken it (I don't know how or why, this is 
> probably unlikely but doesn't hurt to eliminate the possibility).

It was the machine itself. I am concerned this could have had something to 
do with it. We reformatted the drive and rebuilt, but could be using a 
data.fs file that is contaminated. It seems to be working well on my Windows 
machine, though.

I'll continue to look into the links you sent and keep you posted on how 
things are go.

Thank you very much for your help!

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