[Setup] Re: Exclude from Breadcrums?

smoove_e smoove_e at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 8 17:16:12 UTC 2006

Thanks for the feedback / suggestion. However, for clarification, there are
no anonymous users on the installed Plone site, it is only for registered
users. So the problem applies only to registered users, who still shouldn't
be able to navigate backwards into a breadcrumb trail (in certain
circumstances; e.g. as outlined below).

Is it possible to disable breadcrumbs only for specific pages?
If so, anyone have the syntax to perform this? 
(Perhaps an expansion of the code provided below)


Plone 2.5, Zope 2.9.4, Python 2.4.3, LINUX (FC5)

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smoove_e wrote:
> "Exclude from Navigation" in the Properties configuration of a folder 
> may exclude the listing from the Navigation portlet, but how can objects 
> be removed from the breadcrumb listing?
> Although a user will receive a logon page for areas they are not able to 
> access, it would be nice to restrict this type of navigation altogether 
> within the CMS.
> Am I missing something obvious here?

If an anonymous user can't get to the content without logging in , 
surely that means they will never see any breadcrumbs containing that 
object unless they log in first, and then only when specifically viewing 
that object. So I don't quite see the problem here.... ;-)

If you just want to switch off breadcrumbs entirely for your site, you 
could simply switch if off in the stylesheet with something like:
#portal-breadcrumbs {
    display : None;


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