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Here's a start



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  Hello all!

  Background: I work for a small company that appearantly has grown enough to need a CMS. Last week a consultant showed us Microsoft Sharepoint. Half the presentation, was about describing what you shouldn't do, to get it all working. I got the shivers. Why use something that doesn't even work by intuition? I remember looking at Zope and Plone, a few years back, and remember that I felt it seem to work well.

  Now we have a small extranet server, with a few basic java servlet applications. Each user is authenticated in a reverse proxying web server. I'm not a web guy, so I don't know the details. 

  So I would like, as a first step, to install a basic plone installtion, in which each user is autenticated in a front end. The site shouldn't be reachable without signing in, and plone should treat each user a signed in. Is this an easy setup? Can you please direct me to docs on how to proceed?

  Soon a happy plone user


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