[Setup] Setup of Plone on Windows 2003 Server

delahaut.marie-anne at wallonie-isoc.org delahaut.marie-anne at wallonie-isoc.org
Mon Jul 31 19:50:59 UTC 2006

Resend, my first mail was lost

Hi everybody,

I succeeded in installing Plone with the Windows Installer on my Windows
Server 2003 and have been through the whole "Definitive guide to Plone". It
is a very useful tool even if  I regret not to find an Index.

Questions remain :

1. Plone manager opens but cannot work, I guess it is because the Port 80 is
already in use for my other websites in the IIS.
How can I find what other port to use and how to decide which one to chose ?

2. To link a DNS to a website, I usually use the IIS: the console proposes
"extensions serveur 2002" to FrontPage, which I usually use.
What should I do to link the IIS to Plone for my websites development ?

3. The Plone Guide always talks about "a" Plone site :
Is it possible to develop more than one Plone site with one Plone program
installation ?

4. In the "Zope.conf", I tried to activate "locale fr_FR" in the "Directive:
locale" but it does not work. Is it possible to work with Zope in French ?
I haven't seen (yet) any reference to Plone language in the Guide : will it
be possible to chose "French" as language to develop my Plone web sites ?

Thank you for your help,

Marie-Anne Delahaut

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