[Setup] Plone Site Compatibility Between Windows XP & Mac OS X?

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Fri Jul 28 08:41:43 UTC 2006

Hi Jim,

I'm not a Mac OS person, but I can tell you about moving sites around
from development to production instances.

Jim Wagner wrote:
> Searching the plone.org documentation, I found only this 1 applicable article, which
> implies that a simple Export of a Plone site from the development environment, and an
> Import of the resulting .zexp file in the production environment, will do the trick:
> http://plone.org/documentation/how-to/move-site/

Yes, the ZEXP export/import route is an option, as is moving the whole
data.fs file. If you wish to "compartmentalise" your setup to keep this
site separate, you may wish to consider using a mount point to mount
this site in it's own ZODB/file.

> Assuming the Win/XP development environment and the Mac OS X environment have the exact
> same version of Plone installed, will this Export / Import method work in transferring the
> customized Plone site?

Yes, as long as the Zope, Plone & 3rd-party products are in synch.

I find moving the data.fs more reliable than the import/export route,
but the import/export is certainly easier.

> Any assistance, assurance or advice that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

These techniques (managing data.fs, mount points, and .zexp files), are
all really at the level of the Zope application server rather than the
Plone application, so the Zope resources are important here - take a
look at the Zope book, at: -


...specifically: -






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