[Setup] Plone Site Compatibility Between Windows XP & Mac OS X?

Jim Wagner jgwnyc at covad.net
Fri Jul 28 05:43:17 UTC 2006

Hello gurus - please forgive me if I've posted this question to the wrong Mailing List.

I'm a software developer who has never customized or even used Plone before (I have
implemented and customized other web-based collaboration suites and content management
apps). I have a client who wants to implement a Content Management Intranet using Plone.
The client's requirements will necessitate considerable customization of Plone, including
custom lists, tracking and scheduling of sales lead calls, and extending Plone with add-on
products for calendar management, at minimum.
Before committing to taking this project on, I need to resolve a significant concern: 
The production environment that this Plone site will be deployed to is a Mac OS X
environment. I am a PC/Windows XP based developer, and do not have ready access to a Mac
environment suitable for development. In order to proceed, I need to determine whether a
highly customized Plone site can be developed in a Win/XP environment, and then easily
deployed to a Mac OS X environment.

Searching the plone.org documentation, I found only this 1 applicable article, which
implies that a simple Export of a Plone site from the development environment, and an
Import of the resulting .zexp file in the production environment, will do the trick:

Assuming the Win/XP development environment and the Mac OS X environment have the exact
same version of Plone installed, will this Export / Import method work in transferring the
customized Plone site?

Any assistance, assurance or advice that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

- Jim

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