[Setup] "ImportError : No module named ImpPython"

Marie-Anne Delahaut delahaut.marie-anne at wallonie-isoc.org
Thu Jul 27 22:33:43 UTC 2006

> Zope 3.1.4 isn't compatible with Plone 2.5. But wouldn't that download
> of yours have zope installed? If I remember correctly, the Windows
> installer has everything you need, you don't need to download another
> version of Zope. Try that, and see how it goes. Remove everything,
> then install the Windows installer.

The package contains Zope 3.1.4 and Plone 2.5: see here,
Ok, I will do as you say, but what version of Zope is the best for me :
Zope 2.9.4, Zope 2.8.8 or Zope 3.2.1 ?

> I'm not familiar with IIS and its setup. But yes, I have heard that it
> is possible to run Plone on port 80 using IIS. There may be
> documentation regarding that. In Apache, we need to use the
> RewriteRule to 'redirect' it to the Zope server.

I will look to that.

> I don't quite understand your last questions. Also I doubt that I can
> answer that question. But if it is somewhere along the lines of using
> FrontPage as your editor for Plone, that's not possible. 

No, indeed, I don't mean that ;) What I mean is creating new webs with Plone
while still managing my other webs sites using the FrontPage extensions. Can
those two different systems co-exist on a same server ?

> If you have some extra time, I would suggest to read as much as you
> can about Zope (http://zopewiki.org/ZopeStarter) or just dig into
> Plone's Documentation section (http://plone.org/documentation) :) It'
> should save a lot of hassle in the future :)

I did it for Plone and will do it for Zope. Extra time is also a big

Thanks to you again,


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