[Setup] "ImportError : No module named ImpPython"

delahaut.marie-anne at wallonie-isoc.org delahaut.marie-anne at wallonie-isoc.org
Wed Jul 26 16:50:32 UTC 2006


I am a new user and try to install Plone on my Windows XP PC to try it. 
My aim is to install Plone on the web server of our NGO and to progressively
migrate our html websites to Plone.

Of course I will have to do it on our Windows Server 2003 installation,
using the IIS - already active on Port 80 for our websites, but... this will
be a further question ;-)

At the moment, I get an "Installation Error" :
'executing the command 'setupSite.py' failed
ImportError : No module named ImpPython'

I had a look in the "archives" about this error but the reasons already
detailed are different.

Thank you for your help,
Best regards,

Marie-Anne Delahaut
Marie-Anne Delahaut * delahaut.marie-anne at wallonie-isoc.org
directrice de recherche et responsable du Pôle Information 
director of research and head of the Information Unit
Institut Jules-Destrée * the Destree Institute
Namur, Région Wallonie * www.Wallonie-en-ligne.net/ 
Internet Society Wallonie * www.Wallonie-ISOC.org/
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