[Setup] Re: Which Zope version to use?

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Mon Jul 17 19:09:34 UTC 2006

KE Liew, on 2006-07-17:
> According to http://plone.org/products/plone/releases/2.5 you have a
> choice or two Zope versions, which depends on the python version you
> have or want to use.
> "This release requires Zope 2.8.7 and Python 2.3.5+ or Zope 2.9.3+ and
> Python 2.4.2+."

Zope 2.8.8 is out since a few days and that one should be fine as
well.  So it should be "requires Zope 2.8.7+".

Hm, I tried to add a comment to that page, but I have no permission to
do so, even when logged in.

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