[Setup] Which Zope version to use?

Ben shadroth at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 08:56:11 UTC 2006


My requirements are:
1. security
2. stability
3. low maintenance: long lifecycle OR newer stream that's easier to upgrade.
4. speed
5. features

It seems I should be getting Plone 2.5, but I can't work out which Zope to use.

Server OS is CentOS 4.3 with default Apache, MySQL and versions.

I have read the version requirements information FAQ entry, but it is
9 months old and doesn't seem to cover Plone 2.5:

Also, three versions of Zope in the 2.7 series have been released in
the last week and the way they (especially 2.7.7) have been released
is somewhat confusing:

2.7.7-final (listed as stable, but changes log links to 2.7.7-b1)
2.7.7-b1 (listed as development)
2.7.9 (listed as stable)

Thanks in advance

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