[Setup] Archetype Tool use in export(old)/import(new) site

Stuart L. Marshall marshall at slac.stanford.edu
Sun Jul 16 00:05:24 UTC 2006


I've got an old site that was sort of set up as a prototype and
I made plenty of mistakes on it.  It is a 2.0.4 site from a Debian
distribution and I've got a new 2.5 vanilla site set up.  Earlier
attempts to migrate (to 2.1.x) failed and I gave up.  

But, I am happy to just export from the old and import into the
new for the content and recreate the user database by hand.

Forgive me if this is documented clearly somewhere but I ran into
trouble as follows.  

I imported folders okay but the little icons did not show up and
clearly the new site did not understand the content.  After fooling
around a bit I finally clicked on "archetype_tool".  I noticed that
the new site had most of the ATContentTypes listed as uninstalled
and the old had them as installed.

So by clicking on Install for ATFolder and ATDocument, the old
content that I had imported was recognised.  This was good.

Sorry for the long lead-in.  I can now ask my questions:

1.) Was my confusion caused because the default configuration of
atcontent types changed quite a bit since the old 0.2.0-rc3 version?

2.) Did I do the correct thing to get this stuff in?

3.) What is the intention in the new 2.5 vanilla install with
having atcontenttypes set up with many types un-installed?

4.) Am I asking this in the right place?


PS.  The old/new product lists for the record:

---------------- OLD SITE INSTALLED PRODUCTS ------------------------
Product            Version at Install time          Product version
CMFCalendar        ??                               CMF-1.4.7
GroupUserFolder    3.1.1                            3.1.1
CMFActionIcons     ??                               0.9
CMFFormController  1.0.3 beta                       1.0.3 beta
MimetypesRegistry  1.3.2-7                          1.3.2-7
PortalTransforms   1.3.2-7                          1.3.2-7
Archetypes         1.3.1-final                      1.3.1-final
CMFMember          1.0.1                            1.0.1
ATContentTypes     0.2.0-rc3                        0.2.0-rc3
CalendarX          0.6.4(RC1) 2005-09-05            0.6.4(RC1) 2005-09-05
Epoz               0.9.0                            0.9.0
PloneArticle       2.05                             2.05
kupu               kupu 1.1.1                       kupu 1.1.1
---------------- NEW SITE INSTALLED PRODUCTS ------------------------
product               version at install time         product version
atcontenttypes        1.1.1-final                     1.1.1-final
atreferencebrowserwidget  --                          1.4
archetypes            1.4.0-final                     1.4.0-final
cmfactionicons            --                          cmf-1.6.1
cmfcalendar               --                          cmf-1.6.1
cmfformcontroller     2.0.4                           2.0.4
CMFPlacefulWorkflow   1.0.0-final                     1.0.0-final
GroupUserFolder       3.52                            3.52
MimetypesRegistry     1.4.0-final                     1.4.0-final
PasswordResetTool     0.4                             0.4
PlonePAS              2.0.1                           2.0.1
PortalTransforms      1.4.0-final                     1.4.0-final
ResourceRegistries    1.3                             1.3
kupu                  kupu 1.3.7-plone                kupu 1.3.7-plone

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