***resolved :-):-)*** Re: [Setup] Re: problems with Members folder after a 2.0.5 -> 2.1.3 migration

Zhelia zhelia at free.fr
Mon Jul 10 11:24:18 UTC 2006

Nick Davis a écrit :
> Zhelia wrote:
>> Concerning the initial version of Plone, it might help you to know 
>> that it's a 2.0.5 one (not a RC, according to the ZMI informations 
>> and the Plone tarball name).
> Its a 2.0.5 version now.
> However, my question, which maybe you didn't understand was, in the 
> PAST , was that site a 2.0.RCx ?  (When you first made the site, what 
> version of Plone was it?)
> I ask that because we had the same problem as you going from 2.0.5 to 
> 2.1.2 and it was caused by the fact that in the past this 2.0.5 had 
> been a 2.0.RCx version which had a bug.
>> In addition, I 've tried to test also this morning the code you were 
>> talking about with Raphael Ritz in the old posts I quoted above ... 
>> again without success but I'm absolutely not sure to do the things 
>> correctly :
>> - I edit a file and only put (Do I must add something ?)
>> site = app['myIdSite']
>> tt = site['portal_types']
>> tt['Large Plone Folder']._finishConstruction(site.Members)
> You're missing the import transaction ; transaction.commit ! It won't 
> save the change if you miss that.
> This could be the reason it doesn't work for you.
>> - I restore my old datafs, and keep the Plone 2-1-3's products
> Good
>> - I start, go to quickinstaller to install Archetypes, ATContent and 
>> portal_transforms
> Good - though when I did it I didn't do portal_transforms (possibly we 
> didn't need to ..)
>> - I stop and launch zopectl run "myFile"
> Good - or you can use zopectl debug and cut& paste too - thats what I 
> did.
> Now you need to remember to commit the transaction too.
>> - I start, I recatalog CMF, I update the atct version, then go to 
>> migration Type to fix name, type and migrate
> Try also at this point, types migration in portal_atct.  This is a 
> step that migration should do automatically, but it doesn't hurt to do 
> it here. After types migration, you should see in the ZMI (and also a 
> copy in the event.log) a list of objects that it has converted. All 
> your CMF Folders should be converted to ATFolder and Members should be 
> converted to ATBTreeFolder at this point.
>> - [and site migration]
>> ... and ... I don't have an ATBTreeFolder and the error is still 
>> there :-(
>> I 'm probably not doing what it is necessary ... isnt it ?
> Hopefully its because you didn't commit the transaction , and I hope 
> when you do that it will work.  ;-)
>> Tanks again for your help and sorry for my bad english (don't 
>> hesitate to ask me to reformulate when it's not understandable),
> No problem. Hey, I can't speak any other languages (apart from a 
> little bit of French, badly) :-)
> All the the best,
> Nick
Bonjour Nick :-)

Merci ! Merci ! Merci ! :-) You're right, It  works better with  the 
commit !:-) I didn't know I 'll be a day so touched (moved) seeing an 
ATBTreeFolder !:-):-)
Concerning the version, I didn't understand the question indeed ... the 
initial version was probably an RC one but the previous system 
administrator who have made instrallation doesn't remember ... but, 
well, it's not still important now ...

Thanks again for your help,
I wish you a beautiful day and
all the best for you too :-)

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