[Setup] Re: problems with Members folder after a 2.0.5 -> 2.1.3 migration

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Mon Jul 10 09:58:16 UTC 2006

Zhelia wrote:

> Concerning the initial version of Plone, it might help you to know that 
> it's a 2.0.5 one (not a RC, according to the ZMI informations and the 
> Plone tarball name).
Its a 2.0.5 version now.

However, my question, which maybe you didn't understand was, in the PAST 
, was that site a 2.0.RCx ?  (When you first made the site, what version 
of Plone was it?)

I ask that because we had the same problem as you going from 2.0.5 to 
2.1.2 and it was caused by the fact that in the past this 2.0.5 had been 
a 2.0.RCx version which had a bug.

> In addition, I 've tried to test also this morning the code you were 
> talking about with Raphael Ritz in the old posts I quoted above ... 
> again without success but I'm absolutely not sure to do the things 
> correctly :
> - I edit a file and only put (Do I must add something ?)
> site = app['myIdSite']
> tt = site['portal_types']
> tt['Large Plone Folder']._finishConstruction(site.Members)

You're missing the import transaction ; transaction.commit ! It won't 
save the change if you miss that.

This could be the reason it doesn't work for you.

> - I restore my old datafs, and keep the Plone 2-1-3's products

> - I start, go to quickinstaller to install Archetypes, ATContent and 
> portal_transforms
Good - though when I did it I didn't do portal_transforms (possibly we 
didn't need to ..)

> - I stop and launch zopectl run "myFile"
Good - or you can use zopectl debug and cut& paste too - thats what I did.
Now you need to remember to commit the transaction too.

> - I start, I recatalog CMF, I update the atct version, then go to 
> migration Type to fix name, type and migrate
Try also at this point, types migration in portal_atct.  This is a step 
that migration should do automatically, but it doesn't hurt to do it 
here. After types migration, you should see in the ZMI (and also a copy 
in the event.log) a list of objects that it has converted. All your CMF 
Folders should be converted to ATFolder and Members should be converted 
to ATBTreeFolder at this point.

> - [and site migration]
> ... and ... I don't have an ATBTreeFolder and the error is still there :-(
> I 'm probably not doing what it is necessary ... isnt it ?
Hopefully its because you didn't commit the transaction , and I hope 
when you do that it will work.  ;-)

> Tanks again for your help and sorry for my bad english (don't hesitate 
> to ask me to reformulate when it's not understandable),
No problem. Hey, I can't speak any other languages (apart from a little 
bit of French, badly) :-)

All the the best,

Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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