[Setup] Re: PlonePAS errors on migrating

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Thu Jul 6 08:40:38 UTC 2006

paul roeland wrote:

> So now I've first migrated to 2.1.3, which works.
> But trying to migrate from 2.1.3 gives the same problem, it fails at 
> trying to migrate the GRUF ACL to PAS, because PlonePAS is uninstallable 
> into the Plonesite.

We've managed to do what you're trying to do, so the question is, what's 
the difference in our attack.

Is your initial setup OK? (e.g the collection of
Products). Are you making sure you've got an entirely fresh Products
directory, with Plone 2.5 in it + any 3rd-party products copied across,
and Five removed if you're on Zope 2.9.3 ?

Have you thoroughly tested that your 2.1.3 site is in a sane state 
first, before the further jump to 2.5? I suspect going 2.0.x straight to 
2.5 is slightly uncommon, especially with LDAP as well.

> Maybe it has to do with the fact that the 2.0.5 instance (and the 2.1.3) 
> work with LDAP authentification.
Not necessarily. We managed to migrate a site that was previously auth'd 
against LDAP, to Plone 2.5. In our case it failed to set up any new LDAP 
configuration, but it didn't complain about anything and migrated OK, so 
we were able to rewire LDAP using PlonePAS, into the migrated site.

The difference is we started with 2.1.3 , you started with 2.0.5 (in the 
days we had 2.0.5 we didn't have LDAP authentication). Maybe your 
version of GRUF etc is starting from an older one. Is your LDAP 
authentication working fine in 2.1.3?

> I would be perfectly happy to dump the GRUF, migrate and then re-create 
> the PlonePAS LDAP connection, but also that doesn't work. 
Yeah, that seems reasonable. I left the GRUF in place though and it 
seemed to "self-dump" during migration. ;-)

Failing anything else, I'd be tempted to try a different version of Zope 
for comparison. And make sure you're pointing at the correct python version.

More on our test migration to 2.5 with PlonePAS here:


There was also a recent long thread on gmane plone-users about Plone and 
LDAP, so I suggest you browse the archives.

Also check the event.log throughly for any warnings / errors that occur 
during migration (from 2.0.5 onwards). Anything that goes wrong here 
could easily lead to weird knock-on effects later.

Hope that helps somewhat.  :-)


Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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