[Setup] Re: Selective Proxying, Plone + Apache on Mac OS X problem

Adam landry.adam at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 22:55:27 UTC 2006

Yes, you can normally just do it using the RewriteRules, but when you have 
to use ProxyPass instead (as I do because I have to proxy Plone to port 80) 
you can't select which areas you want to come from Plone and which from 
Apache as far as I know.  The whole site just gets proxied over to the Plone 
instance, it's a blanket-effect.  What I'm looking for is either a 
RewriteCond rule for the Proxy line in Apache, or some solution through 
Plone itself.  Or is this not doable?  Do I need to use two machines in this 
case because of my network restricting me to just using port 80 for internal 


"Peter Simmons" <pete-lists at bcmpweb.com> wrote 
in message news:44AC3FA7.9050307 at bcmpweb.com...
> Hi Adam,
> You should be able to do this with just rewrite rules but you will need to 
> have mod_proxy installed and use the P modifier.
> This is definitely more of an apache rewrite rule question than plone from 
> what I can tell.
> Cheers,
> Pete
> Adam wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The problem I've currently got with Plone is the following:
>> 3 different sites being run on the same server, one at /, one at 
>> /folder1, and one at /folder2.  The sites at /folder1 and /folder2 need 
>> to be served by Apache over port 80, while the root folder needs to be 
>> serving Plone.
>> I can set this up correctly using the VHM and the RewriteRules in 
>> Apache...but there's a problem.  This only works correctly if you're not 
>> on my network.  If you are directly connected to my network (and part of 
>> the largest user base), you can't receive on anything besides port 80. 
>> So I've got to use the ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse functionality in 
>> Apache to make Plone work...but I can't do it selectively.  I can only 
>> have Plone OR the folder1 and folder2 off Apache, not both at once.
>> I couldn't find a way within Apache to say "only use the proxy rules for 
>> this folder and not this one", but it may exist.  Or the answer might be 
>> in the Plone setup.  Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to 
>> fix this problem.  I'm running this off of an OS X box.
>> -Adam
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