[Setup] PlonePAS errors on migrating

paul roeland paul.roeland at milieudefensie.nl
Wed Jul 5 13:37:17 UTC 2006

I'm trying to migrate a 2.0.5 site to 2.5, but the migration fails on 
PlonePAS giving errors on installation.
So now I've first migrated to 2.1.3, which works.
But trying to migrate from 2.1.3 gives the same problem, it fails at 
trying to migrate the GRUF ACL to PAS, because PlonePAS is uninstallable 
into the Plonesite.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that the 2.0.5 instance (and the 2.1.3) 
work with LDAP authentification.
But an new Plone 2.5 site withing the same instance that refuses to 
migrate, works perfectly well with PlonePas and LDAPMultiPlugin.

I would be perfectly happy to dump the GRUF, migrate and then re-create 
the PlonePAS LDAP connection, but also that doesn't work. Result is 
still the same when using the quickinstaller to install PlonePAS, see 
the transcript below. Any help greatly appreciated...

Paul Roeland


2006-07-05 15:19:08
Traceback (most recent call last):

line 322, in installProduct

line 225, in __call__
try: return f(*args, **kw)

File "/home/intranet/upgrading/Products/PlonePAS/Extensions/Install.py", 
line 829, in install
setupTools(portal, out)

File "/home/intranet/upgrading/Products/PlonePAS/Extensions/Install.py", 
line 393, in setupTools
migrateMemberDataTool(portal, out)

File "/home/intranet/upgrading/Products/PlonePAS/Extensions/Install.py", 
line 536, in migrateMemberDataTool
updateProp(mdtool, prop)

File "/home/intranet/upgrading/Products/PlonePAS/Extensions/Install.py", 
line 563, in updateProp
prop_manager._setProperty(id, value, type)

File "/opt/Zope2.8/lib/python/OFS/PropertyManager.py", line 188, in 
if not hasattr(self, value):

TypeError: hasattr(): attribute name must be string

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