[Setup] Re: Installing Plone on Windows 98 SE

Steve Rauch rauchs54 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 4 16:46:34 UTC 2006

Michael Novello wrote:
> Hello,
> Does anyone know what the requirements are for installing Plone on 
> Windows 98? The installer program works just fine, but when I click on 
> "View Plone" my web browser opens up with a "404 Not found" error.

Michael -

I run on Linux, but I had Plone 2.1.1 running on Windows 98 using Zope 
2.8.4 and Python 2.3.5 so I could export a site from Linux for use on a 
modern Windows server.

I installed the binary Zope from 
This includes a version of Python 2.3.5 so Python is not needed

I then installed Plone from 
This is not the installer, but rather the Plone bundle.

I created an instance of Zope, then extracted the Plone bundle into the 
Products folder of the instance.

This is not a robust platform for Zope/Plone and I would not recommend 
doing major development work on it, but it did work for me to change my 
skins paths from Linux to Windows in order to create an export that 
could be imported into a Win 2003 or XP server.

I have not tried Zope 2.9.3/Plone 2.5 on the 98 box, but 2.1.1 with Zope 
2.8.4 ran. Good luck, let us know if you still have trouble and want to 
get this working.

Steve Rauch

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