[Setup] Re: removing items not shown from page sent

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Mon Jul 3 18:40:20 UTC 2006

Richard Lyons wrote:
> I've set up two sites using DIYPlone, and borrowing heavily from its
> css.  They seem to work, but I have two issues I would like help on.
> I'll address them separately.

Please use the plone-user for questions not related to the installation 
and set-up of Plone.

> If you look at the source of the page received by an anonymous user,
> although lots of stuff is not rendered on the html (eg. I have omitted
> the author and last change info, the personal tools and other things),
> all the omitted items are actually there in plain text in the source,
> just not rendered in the page.  This seems a waste of bandwidth, on one
> hand, and makes a nonsense of omitting those items, on the other. I used
> the methods in the two tutorials by Alexander Limi and Dave Convent.
> Did I miss something basic, or is this normal?

How did you hide them? With CSS? If so, this is all done client-side by 
the browser. You may need to customise the relevant templates, e.g. 
global_personalbar or global_logo or whatever (or main_template) and 
remove the relevant bits of HTML.


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