[Setup] multiple plone sites: need advice on how to set up

Stuart L. Marshall marshall at slac.stanford.edu
Mon Jul 3 03:31:44 UTC 2006

Okay, I added it.  Awaiting review.  On to the next issue...

Thanks a million for all the help.

Quoting Alan Runyan (alan at enfoldsystems.com) on Sun, Jul 02, 2006 at 06:40:41PM -0500:
> how about adding this knowledge to plone.org/documentation?
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> Hi,
> I think I may have got it now.
> Steps:
> 1.) Edit zope.conf adding additional zodb_db sections as detailed
> below.
> 2.) In the zope management interface choose: "ZODB Mount Point"
> in the Add pull down.  The mount points that were described in
> the zope.conf zodb_db sections appear there but are not yet enabled.
> The text in the form says:
>    "Use this form to finalize the mount points configured in zope.conf.
>    To make more mount points available, edit zope.conf."
> Select the mount points (check boxes) and click the "Create selected
> mount points" button.  After that the mount points appear as folders
> in the root folder.
> 3.) Go to the Root Folder and then click on the mount point of
> choice to get inside of it.
> 4.) While inside the mount point use the pull down "Add" menu to
> add a Plone Site.  The plone site then lives in the new zope folder
> which is the ".fs" file as specified in zope.conf.
> Thanks for all the help, this is one of the burning issues that I
> have been wanting to solve to allow us to use Plone.  In particular
> I want to allow multiple groups to have plone sites but don't want
> to mix them all up in one data.fs file.
> Now if I can figure out how to use FileSystemStorage I'll be in
> business.
> Stuart

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