[Setup] Re: Members folder doesn't get converted to ATBTreeFolder -REOPEN

Mats Lidell matsl at contactor.se
Mon Jan 30 20:16:01 UTC 2006

>>>>> Harri wrote:

Harri> 8.  Recatalog CMF -> OK
Harri>     Recatalog ATCT Types -> OK
Harri> 9.  Version Migration -> OK
Harri> 10. Types Migration -> OK
Harri>     Fix missing portal type -> OK
Harri>     Fix portal type names -> OK
Harri> 11. Portal Migration -> OK

Harri> Members folder is still ATFolder, not ATBTreeFolder. 

I'm having the same problem although I have tried another migration
sequence. I have started with the Portal Migration step and then I try
to fix the Portal Folders. 

That seems to work quite good except for the member folder, which is a
Plone Folder before migration. It is converted to ATFolder. What also
is strange is that some Member folders aren't converted to ATFolders
at all. Subfolders to the Members are converted though.

So even after fixing the portal types I'm stuck with some Plone
Folders (and of course the problem with Members not being a

%% Mats

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