[Setup] Re: Migration failure 2.0 -> 2.1

Göran Uddeborg goeran at uddeborg.se
Fri Jan 27 21:05:16 UTC 2006

Alexander Limi writes:
> Is there anything in the docs which seems to indicate you should just use  
> "portal_migration"?

Not really.  The underlying reason is probably my inexperience with

> If so, I'd like to know, so it can be corrected. :)

I know what the ZMI is, and I know I *can* get there by typing the URL
"http://.../manage".  But I *normally* go there by first logging in to
Plone, and then selecting in the menus.  So when I came to point 6
"log in to the ZMI" I failed at first since I couldn't come to Plone's
start page.

After a while I thought about the .../manage URL, and logged in
there.  But I was then thinking about going back to where I couldn't
come at first, and do the migration.  So I typed the URL with the site
directly followed by "portal_migration".  I didn't think about looking
for a link of that name in the ZMI I were.

In retrospect my mistakes look very obvious to me.  But they were not
at the time.  Since I am inexperienced with Plone and Zope, (the
distinction between them is somewhat fuzzy for me) I just didn't
interpret the instructions correctly.  And also because of my
inexperience, I was not sure at what level to search for the problem.

I have no good suggestion how to change your document.  If every little
detail is to be mentioned, you get to a level corresponding to
mentioning that you have to type "return" after each command in a
description of a command line procedure.  It would just get annoying,
and not get read.

Possibly the steps at the end "Common problems and issues" could help
a little.  If point 6 would have said "Go to http://{Zope}/manage and
log in as a Manager user" instead, then I wouldn't had done the first
mistake.  And then maybe I would have looked for a "portal_migration"
entry in the ZMI window.  But I'm not sure. :-)

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