[Setup] Re: Certain products cause zope to fail.

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Wed Jan 25 23:58:57 UTC 2006

On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 15:13:20 -0800, J. Michael Adams  
<jma at oksofar.com> wrote:

> Thanks much for your quick responses. I really appreciate that.
> Can you point me to something that tells me what console mode is? (it's  
> not
> zopectl, is it?)
> In the meantime, someone showed me that turning off debug would fix my
> problem (I don't know how it got on.)

Alan is in shorthand mode today, it seems. ;)

You normally start Zope with a command like:

$ zopectl start

if you instead do:

$ zopectl fg

Zope will run in the foreground (which means it quits when you exit your  
shell, so only use this for debugging/development), and it will show you  
all output from the startup process. Normally you'll get some useful  
information out of that as to why startup fails.


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