[Setup] Migration failure 2.0 -> 2.1

Göran Uddeborg goeran at uddeborg.se
Wed Jan 25 22:21:04 UTC 2006

I am trying to migrate a Plone site from one server to another.

Both servers are running Linux, Fedora Core 4.  The old is an i386,
while the new one is a 64 bit x86_64 machine.  The old system is
running Plone 2.0.3 packaged in an RPM which was available via the
Plone web site at the time.  This RPM has Zope included.  On the new
machine I have RPM packages from Fedora Extras: zope-2.8.3-3.fc4 and

To migrate I
- stop plone on the first machine,
- copy Data.fs to the new machine,
- put it in /var/lib/zope/var,
- change ownership to the new site's zope, and
- start zope on the new machine.

The server starts as expected, but when I type ( is the machine's temporary IP
during preparation) into my browser, I just get a long traceback which
ends in a complaint about "AttributeError: translation_service".  See
ftp://ftp.uddeborg.se/pub/plone/traceback.txt for the full details.

I also tried to go to but
get the same traceback.  I can go to,
and the contents of the old site seems to be there.  I can go around
in the tree, and things look ok.  But as soon as I try the "view" tab
on anything, I get the traceback again.

While trying to figure this out, I found some messages on mailing list
with similar errors.  They seemed to indicate that this is just a
consequence of some other, underlying, problem.  And suggested a look
in the log file.  I have looked in the log file, but I can't say I
understood much more.  See ftp://ftp.uddeborg.se/pub/plone/event.log
for the full details.  It has acouple of warnings, but it is hard for
me to figure out if any of them is critical.  The messages from the
warning about FormTool and on occur when I try to access the site.
The log ends with a traceback similar to the one I get in the browser.

But I have no clue what to do about it.  Could anybody give me one?

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