[Setup] Lost a product (CMFOODocument) when migrating

alan runyan alan at enfoldsystems.com
Fri Jan 20 23:59:00 UTC 2006

Look in ZMI http://host/Control_Panel/manage_main
See if CMFOODocument is in Products and if its broken or not.  I imagine its
broken (i.e. depends on libxml2 or something that you no longer have
installed on your new host)


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> Subject: [Setup] Lost a product (CMFOODocument) when migrating
> I migrated a Plone 2.0.5 site from my web host (Unix) to my 
> local machine (XP). First, I installed Plone on the local 
> machine, and then I copied ALL the Products and Extensions, 
> and also Data.fs and Data.fs.index.
> In Add/Remove products (Plone setup) on the local Plone, a 
> few products showed up as having been upgraded and ready to 
> reinstall. I don't understand that, because the original site 
> on the web doesn't think they've been upgraded. But the 
> reinstallation worked OK.
> My problem is that one product (CMFOODocument) was listed as 
> "no longer on the file system." It IS on the file system, 
> just as it was on the web host.
> I uninstalled it, hoping it would reappear as a product ready 
> to install. It did not.
> I see it on the file system, and it looks OK. I tried 
> refreshing the catalog, but that did not help.
> Does anyone have any ideas why Plone can't find the product? 
> It's in the file system and seems OK.
> - Michael Adams
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