[Setup] Plone subscription: refuses e-mail address + does not recognise ID (2)

Christophe Guene (SOFI) cguene at sofi.be
Sun Jan 15 12:04:03 UTC 2006

Hi again friends,

it seems I have located part of the problem:

when logging in, it makes a difference whether I try to log in on the 
menu bar at the top right or whether I do it on the left hand column. 
Only the latter recognises me, whereas the top one does not. So unless 
I got it wrong and these two log-in possibilities don't lead to the 
same thing, then there is a problem with the design of the top-right 
log-in function.

this leaves then the problem of the non-recognition of my e-mail 
addresses ....

cheers all


Le 15-janv.-06, à 11:02, Christophe Guene (SOFI) a écrit :

Hi there,

I've had several attempts at accessing the plone community ....

1. when i filled in the subscription form it systematically resfused to 
accept my e-mail address (the one I am sending this message with) as a 
valid one. The same happens with all my alternative e-mail addresses. I 
circumvented this by not requiring the password be sent back to me. So 
my first session worked without that .... ok

2. I tried to re-access plone today but now it says that my ID is not 
valid (oh boy ! .... am I getting senile?) .... well then, fine, I 
re-subrscribe again and type the user-ID I thought I had used ..... and 
indeed, I am told the ID exists already, can't use it.

I have checked the setup-list archive but haven't found anything that 
could help, so I do seem to be the only one with that problem .... or 
am I?

I am running on Mac OS X 10,3,9 ...

anyone a hint?

many thanks in advance from Brussels

cguene at sofi.be

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