[Setup] 2nd submission: can someone answer upgrade question?

Stefan H. Holek stefan at epy.co.at
Fri Jan 13 10:10:56 UTC 2006

On Jan 13, 2006, at 05:05, David Diskin wrote:

> My mac os x plone configuration has: plone 2.1.1,zope 2.7.8, python 
> 2.3.5.  Plone was installed using the Plone Mac OS X installer.  I 
> have had problems moving over my Data.fs from my Plone 2.1.1 Zettai 
> instance which has Zope 2.8.4 and it was suggested that my problem was 
> due to the different zope versions  I have these questions:

As somebody has already replied earlier, you can NOT go back, i.e. your 
Zope 2.8.4 ZODB is NOT going to work with 2.7.8.

> 1. Is it ok to upgrade to just Zope 2.8.4 for the Mac Plone 2.1.1 
> installation?  I will just be using the Mac for development/test.
> 2. How can I do the upgrade - i.e. is there a how to somewhere on this?

I guess it would be hard to upgrade Zope inside the installer's 

> 3. Or, do I have to reinstall everything from source, which I have 
> never done.

There's always a first time. Check documentation on plone.org.

> 4.  Will the Mac OS X installer for plone 2.1.2 have the 2.8.x version 
> of Zope and when will it be available?

I don't think so. Plone 2.1 targets Zope 2.7 and 2.8. At the time of 
the 2.1(.0) release Zope 2.7 was the Zope du jour and we are not going 
to change this in a minor release.


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