[Setup] Plone Virtual web site

Ghildyal, Shailja sghildyal at clarientinc.com
Thu Jan 12 07:25:36 UTC 2006

I have installed Plone on windows 2000 server and i have been able to run it and use ZopeManagement console. I am able to add , edit and publish documents for my website. Now i want to have website where users can view the site. I tried to create Virtual web site but could not understand how to do it. I read the Zope manual on installing Virtual Host monster but still unsuccessful
Could you please guide me how to create domain name so that other users can view my website using e.g myweb.com. Right now i access plone on my server using http://localhost which i use for adding stuff.
Hope you understand what i am asking for to view the website as outside user or with in my office network and want to define a website name.
I would really appreciate your help since i have deadline to show a demo.
thanks in  advance
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