[Setup] Re: Failed migration

Sydney Weidman syd at plug.ca
Thu Jan 5 01:31:40 UTC 2006

Alexander Limi <limi at ...> writes:

> On Wed, 04 Jan 2006 00:38:10 +0100, Sydney Weidman  
> <syd at ...> wrote:
> > # Error value: No registered migrator for '('Event', 'ATEvent')' found
> > # File
> > I had a look at the migration classes in the atctmigrator.py; can I just  
> > attempt
> > to write another class that will handle my customized event type?
> Seems like you have an old version of ATCT installed, is this right?
> You can try going to portal_atct in the ZMI and run migration there  
> manually before you do the Plone migration. Worth a try. :)
> Also check the "dead content types" script (you might have some left-over  
> objects) from:
> http://plone.org/documentation/migration/2.1

Hmm... odd. I don't have a portal_atct tool in the ZMI under the plone object i
am trying to convert. Is that a problem? I have ATContentTypes product
1.0.1-final installed.

Thanks for your help!


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