[Setup] Plone security help.

Ravi Shukla rshukla at ariworld.com
Wed Jan 4 11:21:01 UTC 2006

I had setup a portal with restricted access to parts of it. An anonymous
user could logon and would see only the home/welcome page. 

Then I changed the security so that access was restricted only to
authenticated users. Once this one done, a dialog box asking for
username/pwd would pop up on accessing the URL. Even upon entering a valid
username/password, the dialog box would keep popping up. So even though it
was possible to access the ZMI, even the same username/password could not be
used to logon. I changed the security permissions of the site object through
the ZMI, but nothing worked. 

Has anyone else faced this problem? 

Thoughts/comments/suggestions most welcome.




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