[Setup] Re: Permissions

alan runyan alan at enfoldsystems.com
Tue Jan 3 18:30:53 UTC 2006

> alan runyan wrote:
> > This is entirely wrong.  If you touch the ZMI permissions on 
> > individual content you are doing bad.
> > Please don't do bad.  Doing bad hurts you and us - because you are 
> > using the software wrong and will give Plone a bad reputation.
> Even if you think it's bad I think there are situations in 
> which it is perfectly fine to fall back to Zope's (as opposed to
> CMF/Plone's) security handling.
> I do that (sometimes) with what I call "structural folders".
> By that I mean folders that aren't subject to workflow at all 
> and that cannot be created by individual users but only by 
> site admins (that know what they are doing) when setting up a 
> site to (pre-)define some structure.
> In those cases you may actually want to be able to define 
> permissions on instance base - as opposed to type base which 
> is what DCWorkflow does.

Right.  So I'm not opposed to twiddling ZMI permissions - it can lead to
long term questions about what was customized!  We use structural folders as
well; the best thing for those content types is for us not to have any
workflow associated with them.
> I know that there are efforts on the way to provide a 
> "placeful" workflow for Plone but even when it's there it 
> might feel like overkill for some of those situations.

Ok ok ok.  I would like to note that if we want repeatable successes there
may be times when you need to do things more formally.  Formal w/o magic is
better than faster impl with magic.  I believe.  While I agree with what
your saying - at some point we need to say the canonical way of doing things
in plone is X.  Which X may make people say "jeesh - this sucks.  And as
they get familiar with the system they will make choices if they want to be
magical and faster.  But until GenericSetup or something that can capture
differences of site configuration between two points in time; we can tell
people their options but we should really try to urge them to do things more

> Sorry Alan, I just want people to know their options.

Raphael, thanks!  I do too 8-)

Alan Runyan

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