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Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Tue Jan 3 11:48:21 UTC 2006

Hi Raphael,

Raphael Ritz wrote:
> Well, whether you consider folders per se as content
> or not can be a matter of long debates. But to answer
> your specific question: if you consider an ATBTreeFolder
> content, then yes, Plone content - realized via a copy
> and rename of the 'Large Plone Folder' FTI and then
> configuring the workflow tool to not consider this
> type subject to *any* workflow (BTW: this is exactly
> how CMFDefault handles folders in the first place; it
> was a conscious decision in Plone to make folders
> per se subject to workflow which - frankly speaking -
> I've never understood. For almost all use cases I
> came across it is more of a hinderance than a help
> to have folders workflowed).

In this context, yes, I'd say content - but I understand your
reservations about that, and appreciate that my use-case is not typical.

> Maybe the key thing to understand here is that Plone is an
> application on top of Zope *and* CMF. Zope provides the
> security mechanism in the first place. The CMF provides a
> workflow tool which - among other things - extends Zope's
> security mechnism to become *type and state* depended
> (via 'portal_type' and 'review_state'). This is a *big*
> improvement but still there might be cases where you don't
> want or need that. That's all I'm saying.

Yup - as a Zope and Plone user, I'm painfully aware that I do not know
enough about the CMF that lies between them.

> PS: If people think Plone content ought to have a
> review_state I simply disagree.

Not wanting to be awkward, but just to understand your reservations,
would you see a problem in requiring the "review_state" attribute but
supporting a value of "null" or better "irrelevant" or "immune" or some
such? (Can't think of the right word - as an RDBMS man, "null" makes me
shudder but I guess it is what I'm really trying to say!) IOW, is it the
attribute or it's values that trouble you?




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