[Setup] Plone won't return page on XP localhost

J. Michael Adams jma at oksofar.com
Mon Jan 2 23:07:28 UTC 2006

I've installed Plone 2.0.5 on my XP system. (I tried 2.1.1, but it has some
XP bugs in it).

At first, I could not connect to the ZMI through the Plone controller. Every
time I tried, I got a message that said the browser could not connect to the
server. I tried going directly to localhost:8080/manage, with the same

Then I tried disconnecting from the internet and reconnecting. That seemed
to work, but I'm afraid it was just a coincidence, because it worked only
that one time. After stopping and starting Plone, I had the same problem
whether I was connected to the internet or not.

But when I DID get the ZMI, I couldn't bring up a Plone page.
Localhost/Plone returned only a single HTTP 404 header. I've tried
rebooting, recycling Plone, disconnecting from the internet-- nothing works.

I've also tried using the physical address and port number in the URL, like  Nothing works.

Then I tried changing the Plone port number to 8008 and restarting Zope.
That seemed to work, and I was able to use Plone just fine. That is, until
the next time I recycled Zope with the Plone controller. Then I was back to
square one - I couldn't get the ZMI or the Plone site no matter what port
number I used.

I turned off my firewall, and that didn't change anything. I tried recycling
Plone several times, and still couldn't get a response from the server. I
tried starting Plone and then waiting for a really long time. Nothing.

I have no idea what makes it work once in a while.

BTW, I have this same problem with 2.1.1.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? Do you have any idea what's going on?


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