[Setup] Permissions

alan runyan alan at enfoldsystems.com
Mon Jan 2 16:39:15 UTC 2006

This is entirely wrong.  If you touch the ZMI permissions on individual
content you are doing bad.
Please don't do bad.  Doing bad hurts you and us - because you are using the
software wrong and will give Plone a bad reputation.

Two ways to accomplish what you want:

  - Use workflow for you content type!

  - Create a new "Factory Type Info" in the portal_types folder called

  - Then copy and paste the folder_workflow and create cliffs_workflow and
assign the workflow to CliffsFolder only.  Then have the initial state of
the cliffs_workflow folder be the correct permissions.  

  - Let people create the new content types; if more people want to have
different roles use the Sharing tab on the folder!

Lets all stop doing bad in 2006! 

Alan Runyan
p.s. I'm joking - I imagine you don't know about
portal_types/portal_workflow and I know your not consciously doing bad

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> Is there a way to affect the creation of new content under a 
> folder such that it is created with permissions as 
> restrictive as the parent by default?
> I've having a problem where by I've created a "Member Only" 
> section of a
>   site and the members can upload documents to eachother. 
> I've set the folder's permissions to not be viewable by 
> anonymous but the documents themselves are. I don't want to 
> have to go through and change each and every document to 
> individually. Moving forward is there a way to make is so 
> that the permissions of uploaded files or newly created 
> content will not undermine the permission settings of it's 
> parent object? I don't want the users to have to learn about 
> the ZMI and setting permissions.
> --Cliff
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