[Setup] Permissions

Cliff Williams gcw-python at rezidew.net
Mon Jan 2 03:58:17 UTC 2006

Is there a way to affect the creation of new content under a folder such 
that it is created with permissions as restrictive as the parent by default?

I've having a problem where by I've created a "Member Only" section of a 
  site and the members can upload documents to eachother. I've set the 
folder's permissions to not be viewable by anonymous but the documents 
themselves are. I don't want to have to go through and change each and 
every document to individually. Moving forward is there a way to make is 
so that the permissions of uploaded files or newly created content will 
not undermine the permission settings of it's parent object? I don't 
want the users to have to learn about the ZMI and setting permissions.



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