[Setup] Certain products cause zope to fail.

J. Michael Adams jma at oksofar.com
Wed Jan 25 21:13:04 UTC 2006

I installed Zope 2.7.8 and then Plone 2.1.2 on a Unix system. At that point,
everything seemed OK -- the default Plone site came up with no problem.

But when I started to move products into the product directory, I had a
problem with certain products.

Whenever I move a particular product into the Products directory, Zope will
fail. That is, if Zope is running it'll stop. If Zope is not running when I
put the product in the directory, then Zope won't come up. I try starting
the Zope process with zopectl, but the process won't stay up.

It only happens with certain products, but not others. So far, it's
PloneExFile and PortalTransform. I've written to the PloneExFile support
people, but have not yet heard back. But I suspect it's something in my
configuration, not a product problem. 

I'm beginning to think that it only happens with products that use
archetypes, but I'm not sure about that. I'm using the Archetypes product
that came with 2.1.2.

I've checked the file permissions in the products, and everything seems

----My main difficulty is this:

When the problem happens, nothing appears in any log to indicate a problem.
The event.log, for example, records nothing when this happens. So I don't
where to look to analyze this problem.

Any ideas?

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