[Setup] Lost a product (CMFOODocument) when migrating

J. Michael Adams jma at oksofar.com
Fri Jan 20 23:45:18 UTC 2006

I migrated a Plone 2.0.5 site from my web host (Unix) to my local machine
(XP). First, I installed Plone on the local machine, and then I copied ALL
the Products and Extensions, and also Data.fs and Data.fs.index.

In Add/Remove products (Plone setup) on the local Plone, a few products
showed up as having been upgraded and ready to reinstall. I don't understand
that, because the original site on the web doesn't think they've been
upgraded. But the reinstallation worked OK.

My problem is that one product (CMFOODocument) was listed as "no longer on
the file system." It IS on the file system, just as it was on the web host.
I uninstalled it, hoping it would reappear as a product ready to install. It
did not.

I see it on the file system, and it looks OK. I tried refreshing the
catalog, but that did not help.

Does anyone have any ideas why Plone can't find the product? It's in the
file system and seems OK.

- Michael Adams

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