[Setup] Indexing and searching on Word.

Tariq Ahmed tariq at cflex.net
Tue Feb 28 19:39:59 UTC 2006

Hey guys I have some questions if someone has any time.

I have a basic plone site, and it works great. But I need to be able to 
search on the  content of Word docs. What's the easiest way to go about 
doing this? I read a bit up on Archetypes, but it sounds like that's a 
mechanism for converting information, which I don't necessarily need to to.

Looking at this document:

It says install Archetypes, but isn't that already included with Plone 
(btw it would be great if it linked to the things it's asking you to 

I downloaded Archtetypes 1.3.7 bundle, and the readme.txt mentions to 
run the "quickinstaller_tool", there's no such file in the Archetypes 
directory structure... ??

Any guidance would be most appreciated.

What are the odds that the next version of plone and index and search 
office docs out of the box?

Muchos Thanks in advance!

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