[Setup] Intranet Wishlist

Sam Luxford-Watts sam.luxford.watts at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 15:15:42 UTC 2006

We have been running Plone as our intranet for about 8 months now.
Most of it is running from unaltered code and products form the plone
community and its been running very well indeed.

Zope/Plone and python took a fair bit of time for me to learn and I
still wouldnt say that I am even a basic programmer but it still
amazes me how convenient this platform is and how quickly things can
be developed. If you like opensource and if you have a bit of spare
time I wouldnt be too phased by the technologies used by plone.

We have integrated some existing MSSQL databases into plone too
without too much hassle. Its also integrated with users and groups in

The only problem really is that we cant keep up with  requests for new
sections/facilities  at the moment!

You can run plone quite happily on windows server - although to get it
working from within IIS you will need to use something like Enfold's
Enterprise proxy - although it will not help you with Single Sign On -
for that you must purchase their Enterprise Server product.

My advise is to goto www.plone.org and download the windows installer
version and have a play. Most of what you want to do is either in the
core product or available as downloadable products. Although if you
want tight windows integration it is worth spending the money on
Enfold's ES


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