[Setup] Intranet Wishlist

Knowlson Dan (West Wiltshire PCT) dan.knowlson at nhs.net
Mon Feb 27 10:20:36 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

I'm looking for a solution suitable for our intranet and are
in the early stages of deciding what we want so we can then
decide what will deliver the goods... So our wish list includes:

    * Central file storage of protocols/procedures
    * Internal/external contacts
    * Holiday, meetings calendar(s)
    * Staff In/Out board - optional
    * Noticeboard
    * Links for starting programs - optional
    * Web links
    * Access restricted by user level (linked to Active Directory)
    * Ability to alert users to new uploads to the Intranet

Also, we'd quite like the ability to not only alert users to
new documents but to also have then acknowledge
receipt/reading of it, say a virtual sign off sheet.

Our network environment is we have 3 Win 2K3 servers, one
running exchange, one our main business critical application
and the 3rd running another critical program running on MySQL.
All users use 2K or XP pc's, some connecting via TS at 2
branch sites. We have Office 2000/XP/2K3 and IE5/6 for all users.

As with most things there isn't much of a budget for these
things. I've contemplated Sharepoint but after a quick look
was put of, but then I like open source solutions when possible.

Plone sounds really interesting but I'm sort of put of by the
fact it's running zope/python as they are completely new to
me. Plus I don't have a dedicated server but would need to run
it on one of the existing ones.

I've been wondering about Drupal as it seems to fit the bit,
but have yet to make a final decision, but will go with it if
Plone doesn't seem to fit the bill for us.

What suggestions do you all have?


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