[Setup] Executing the command 'setupSite.py' failed

Steven Cory Steven_Cory at unc.edu
Sat Feb 25 19:14:44 UTC 2006

Thanks Alan.

Yup, I actually have two in the environmental variables.

Is there a way I can disble the one installed or shouold I wait for 2.5?

Steve Cory

alan runyan wrote:

>Because python comes on ibm's and the plone.org windows installer cant cope
>with multiple pythons.  This is fixed in Enfold Server.  Hopefully for Plone
>2.5 the plone.org windows installer will be more durable against multiple
>python interpreters.  
>In fact Jim Baker at PyCon today told me this exact same problem.  Except he
>has about 10 python installations on his system.
>Try this:
>  - start -> run -> cmd 
>  - type 'set'
>  - see if there is a PYTHONHOME or PYTHONPATH
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>>When installing Plone.2.1.1 (Build 3031) or Plone.2.1.2 
>>(Build 3938) onto a ThinkPad X41 running WindowsXP I receive 
>>Installation Error
>>Executing the command 'setupSite.py' failed
>>ValueError: unpack list of wrong size

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