[Setup] Zope/Plone ports to avoid Sharepoint

alan runyan alan at enfoldsystems.com
Wed Feb 22 16:58:34 UTC 2006

All you need is to uncomment out the http-server directive in zope.conf.  

8080 is by default change it to 5080 or something.  Start zope in
runzope.bat -- see if you get a port collision.  It will say if it can not
open a port that is already in use.


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> Hello friends,
> I have set up a Plone site on my machine (Windows XP) and I 
> will soon attempt to recreate it on our LAN server (Windows 
> Server 2003).  How should I do port assignments on the server?
> Setup:
> Zope-2.8.5-final-win32.exe
> Plone-2.1.2.tar.gz
> Windows XP, or Windows server 2003
> I don't know much about this, but I think it breaks down into 
> sub-topics:
> Q1. Determine what ports are in use on the Windows server.
> Q2. Determine what port assignments need to be made for Zope to work.
> Q3. Make the assignments.
> Re Q1:  I don't know how to do this. I know there are certain 
> traditional values for different protocols, but that is 
> different from finding what is actually in use. I know that 
> Sharepoint is running and I expect therefore that 8080 is in 
> use. Is the port assignment information centralized somewhere 
> in windows?
> Re Q3: I think all of the configuration is in zope.conf. I 
> have already changed <http-server> to 8081.
> Re Q2: On what protocols/ports should I expect Zope/Plone to 
> collide with other services? Am I right that it is 
> undesirable to have two programs listening to the same port, 
> but it is OK to have two programs use the same outgoing port? 
> Is it enough that I have changed <http-server> port ?
> Thank you for any pointers.
> Regards,
> Owen
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