[Setup] Internet Explorer "page not found" - plone 2.1.1

Niels Steen Krogh nielssteenkrogh at zitelab.dk
Mon Feb 20 15:39:27 UTC 2006

HI. We are using Plone2.1 with apache 2.0.54 serving 28 danish hospitals with
an advanced clinical database/patient record solution. 

We will (when the solution is more mature) release the solution - this is part
of the contract. 

We are having severe problems with internetexplorer users who see the general
´page not found'  (in danish: Siden kan ikke vises) page from microsoft IE
when trying to log in - or en other situations when trying to load a page.
Firefox give no problems at all. 

The problem is concentrated on some hospitals - and is not reported from most
of the hospitals. 

I haven't been able able to find some plonerelated IE problem pages relevant
to this problem.

Any help or hints very much appreceated. 


If you want to try it live please feel free to send an email - and you will
get a test-account on the system. 

Niels Steen Krogh
ZiteLab ApS 

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